Simply I create websites to help businesses build credibility. Showcasing hard work to build your brand to help secure future leads. All within the beautiful surroundings of the South West of England.

What I can do for you

Hi my name is Mike and I’ve set out to create beautiful looking websites that are affordable for all kinds of businesses. Your new website will generate trust in your brand and give you a solid platform to showcase your product or service.

We will take a deep dive into your business and create something bespoke that your clients or customers will love!

Case studies

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iPad showing my website London embroidery school
Laptop showing my website CGA personnel

I use something called Webflow

Webflow is like WordPress but better. It’s a CMS (Content management system) that is easier to update content and is much less likely to break. You do not need to keep updating plugins or worry about a developer maintaining bits and bobs. It just works.

If saving money on maintenance isn’t enough to persuade you then Webflow sites are extremely fast. They are also extremely secure due to not having to deal with third party plugins and updates.

Webflow has faster site speed than WordPress

Webflow is more secure than WordPress

Webflow means no more updating plugins in WordPress

The price

No maintenance fee

I do not charge a maintenance fee as you will have a site that does not need to be maintained (Software will update itself). I give you the reins after I finish building it and we can part ways until the next time!

Hosting at cost

A lot of web designers and agencies will charge a mark up for sorting out the hosting plan for you which is fair enough. I don’t, as I want to design sites not worry about hosting. This means I will set you up with a super fast and reliable hosting plan and you can pay at cost. The price depends on how many users you will receive on your site and whether its an e-commerce site or not.

Web fee

Contact me with the form below telling me what you need, doesn’t have to be perfect, a general sense is fine. I won’t call you or try to do a sales pitch, Ill just give you a rough estimate and you can let me know if you want to know more.


If we build an e-commerce site together or something with functionality like a job board. There are more cogs moving around at the same time and this can lead to bugs. I will help fix anything that goes awry at a set price of £50 per hour.
Laptop with text explaining that I create websites that make peoples lives simple


Had a fantastic experience working with Mike and Web Country Design. They were extremely hardworking and their attention to detail has meant we couldn’t be happier with the end product. We still work with them now and couldn’t be more pleased with the constant support we receive, would highly recommend.

Cary Sheppard

Hatch Digital Marketing

I’ve had a lovely experience with Web country design , they took everything on board and we’re super facilitating as I’m very fussy and came up with better than I expected design for my company website . Highly recommended.


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